Residencies in Clay

Artist Kane Stonestreet on group residency 2023. Photo by Felicity Crawshaw

The deadline for applications has now passed. We will be in touch with applicants w/c 14 August.

SSW is excited to announce a new funded residency programme set up to support artists exploring the transformational potential of clay within society and contemporary arts practice. The residency will provide 3 artists with time, space, funding, facilities and technical support to engage in their clay work within the mutually supportive and nurturing environment of SSW’s ceramics studio with no expectation for final outcomes.

This 4 week residency will conclude with selected artists joining Eva Masterman‘s Building the Clay Commons co-learning week taking place from w/c 27 November at SSW.

For this residency we lean into the collaborative ethos and shared nature of our recently renovated ceramics studio and so are particularly looking to support artists who are pushing clay as a medium – pinching at its pedagogical properties, digging into its dialogic potential and using it to craft community – amongst other possibilities.

Residencies in Clay will offer 3 artists:

  • 4 week residency at SSW working alongside the other selected Residency in Clay artists
  • Opportunity to join Eva Masterman’s Clay Commons co-learning week
  • 24hr access to the ceramics studio
  • Accommodation onsite or at our off site house for the duration of the residency
  • Support throughout the residency from SSW Ceramics Technician
  • £3,000 artists fee
  • Access support of £1,000 if required
  • Travel costs of £300
  • Materials and consumables budget of £500

The Residencies in Clay programme is made possible thanks to the kind support of the William Grant Foundation.


Closing date: Monday 31st July, 5pm
Applicants notified by: w/c 14 August

Residency dates:
30 October – 24 November
Take part in Clay Commons
27 November – 1 December


The residencies are open to artists based in Scotland at any stage in their careers. Artists can be working within any discipline so long as they are able to demonstrate a passion and commitment to the material and a desire to grow practice in this area.

How to apply:

Applications are via an online form

We want your experience of applying to residency at SSW to be straightforward and accessible.

  • We have a simple application process, in which we want to understand:
  • Why do you need this opportunity at this time at SSW?
  • How are you looking to develop your practice?
  • What you can contribute to expanding ceramics learning, discourse and practice in Scotland.

Please apply in a format that is comfortable for you – writing, voice memo/audio or video. We have no preference and will only consider the content of the application, not its production.

There is information in the application pack to support you to make your best application – please read or listen to this carefully.


Residency Application Pack pdf | MS Word | Large Print 

Frequently Asked Questions pdf | MS Word | Large Print 

Apply online (includes a link to our equalities, diversity and inclusion form)

We have other formats available on request. If you would like a hard copy, large print, pdf, word or dyslexia friendly version, please contact us.


We understand ‘access’ to be what you need to be able to participate in the residency comfortably and safely. These needs may be physical, for example different heights of workstations or access to quiet space. They may be cultural, for example connections with different groups or organisations in the area, or space for worship. Needs may include communication requirements (email, text, phone), translated documents or space for your family (bio/chosen), an ally, support worker or travel buddy to stay. These are just a few examples, and we encourage you to get in touch before you apply, to discuss what we can put in place to support your participation in residency.

Contact Joanne Matthews on arts@ssw.org.uk / 01464 861372 with any questions or to discuss access to residency.

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