BE PART 2019 – 23

POTATO GROWERS / Photo by Wapke Feenstra 2019 / Loading a Big Bag with seed potatoes in Cappadocia / Courtesy IKSV The Rural by Istanbul Biennale

BE PART is a partnership of 10 EU and non-EU organisations that critically explores collaborative art-making and sharing through decentralised governance models involving local citizens, artists, partners and policy makers. Working through a series of longer-term fieldworks, artists and citizens co-create work that builds on local understandings, experiences and knowledges. Alongside this each presenting partner will host a selection of the other partners’ commissioned fieldwork projects through a public programme presented by the artists and co- creators.

The collective questions that come out of the fieldworks and public programme will be expanded upon through a series of co-devised ‘Assemblies’ which open up the thinking, ideas and processes explored through BE PART each year. Overseeing the methods and practices of the project are a Critical Network, formed of artists who will support the shift in how each organisation, and in turn policy, is created in this area. The overall project will be evaluated through a process of applied research by Dr Sophie Hope. BE PART is not only seeking new models of engagement but new structures, governance and policies for supporting collaborative art making.

BE PART is led by Santarcangelo Festival (IT) with partners Artsadmin (UK), Vooruit (BE), Kansallisgalleria/ Kiasma (FI), NTIL (LV), Festival de Marsielle (FR), City of Women (SI), l’Art Rue (TN) and Cork Midsummer Festival (IE).


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