BEPART Assembly : Lumsden Live

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From 18 – 22 May 2021, tune in to Lumsden Live, a community radio station on 87.9 FM in Lumsden and online across the world!

Download a .pdf of the programme here or view the full schedule online at www.lumsden.live.

Lumsden Live forms the first international Assembly for the BEPART project, an international network across Europe. Bringing together communities in Aberdeenshire with the wider BEPART network, the radio schedule sets out to explore how collective community action has and continues to make change happen at local, institutional and international levels.

Voices and contributions from our neighbours, to distant friends and collaborators, describe and consider why and how people are joining together to take action with their communities. The shows include discussions between activists and artists, meditations with the local landscape, artworks, interviews, Lumsden residents’ ‘take-overs’ and live discussion and debate with community groups and organisers.

We invite you to tune in and listen from wherever you are and to get involved with our call-ins, discussions, responses running throughout the week. We would love to hear from you and give you a ‘shout out’ or play your favourite song.

On Saturday 22 May, come to SSW – 1 Main Street for a free coffee, cake from Caroldson’s Café and socially distanced listen!

From Thursday 13 May, the full radio schedule will be available at www.lumsden.live, or you can pick up a print out from the front of SSW.

Who’s involved

Lumsden Live has been created collaboratively by a programming team made up of; Maxine Smith (community activist, entrepreneur and local resident), Angela Main (artist and local resident), Mark Vernon (artist and founder of Glasgow-based Radiophrenia) and the team at SSW.

Contributors so far include:

Ain Bailey, Affa Fine, Fiona Alderson/ Networks of Wellbeing, Alford Academy Folk Band, Susan Allan, Lia Anderson, Rose Annison, Marwa Arsanios, Henry Auchnie, Moira Auchnie, Graeme Barber, Simon Blackett, Kirsty Blackmore, John Booth, Jo Brown,  Johnathan Christie, Khloe Christie, Mrs Crighton Maitland, Liz Cruikshank, Sam Dowdell, maarten De Vrieze, Donside Community Hydro, Chris Dooks, Laurel Dreyer, Dawn Finch/ Strathbogie Seed Collective, Frank Garden, Ilene Gauld, Harry Josephine Giles, Dr Sandra Gordon, Jake Grant, Roland Gunst, Martin Hendry, Carol Higham, Mark Hunter, Virginia Irvine-Fortescue, Thomas Jackson, Dilys Jordan, Sandra King, Lara Khaldi, Yazan Khalili, John Latham, Amy Lawrence, Fobbie Leslie, Laura Leslie, Maureen Leslie, David Littlewood, Sophie Littlewood, Aileen Longino, James Lórien MacDonald, Vicky Lorimer, Anne Lyne, Sandy Lyne, Aileen MacArthur, Karen Maclean-Innes, Isla Main, Sandy Main, Leo Martin, Joyce McCartney, Aku Meriläinen, Leslie Milne, Maria Oiva, Kate O’Shea, Natalie Palombo, Emily Petrie, Dr Pringle, Charlie Raeburn, John Rennie, Shirley Riach, Lyza Riddell, Jamie Rhind, Suzanne Rhind, Elaine Robinson, Fanny Robles, Lisa Ross / Alford Mutual Aid, Kate Searcaigh, Nicola Sedgewick, John Shirran, Ian Smith, Imogen Smith, Chris Solomon, Dean Spade, Michelle Sullivan, Robert Sullivan, Jack Tan, Kate Taylor Beale, Sally Thompson, Yvonne Turner / Glenview Local Produce, Lady Unchained, Lotte van den Berg, Robbie Walker, David Watson, Olive Wild, Jake Williams, Sophie Wilson, Kaitlyn Wilson, Julie Webb / Tutti Frutti Yoga, Debbie, Penny, Christina and Fiona at the Rhynie Medical Centre, Roz, John and the staff team at the CO-OP Alford, Elidh, Seonaid, Karen, Abigail, Fe, Wendy at Loose Ends Montgarrie, Stuart the Lumsden School janitor (with more people getting involved every day).

BEPART protocol

Running in parallel to the Lumsden Live programme the BEPART Critical Network, Marwa Arsanios, Lotte van den Berg, Roland Gunst and Fanny Robles, will be working with BEPART stakeholders to develop a first iteration of a ‘Protocol’ driven by their exploration of the ethics of participation. The Critical Network will present the first manifestation of the protocol on the Lumsden Live station at the end of the week.

About the BEPART Assembly

The BEPART Assemblies are shared moments of collective questioning across the BEPART project (short for BEyond PARTicipation). Each year the Assembly is hosted by a different partner in the network, focusing on a different theme relating to participation in the arts. This Assembly has a focus on Power.

BE PART is made possible with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The European Commission support for this programme does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views of the contributors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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