2019 – 2023: BE PART

POTATO GROWERS / Photo by Wapke Feenstra 2019 / Loading a Big Bag with seed potatoes in Cappadocia / Courtesy IKSV The Rural by Istanbul Biennale

Art Beyond Participation (BE PART) is a four year collaborative programme developed and produced by a network of 10 arts organisations across Europe*, including SSW, and co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

Through BE PART we set out to explore how artwork can be made collaboratively, by artists and citizens together. Through these relationships, we want to change how we as an arts organisation work, who makes decisions and how we are governed.

The programme takes place in all network partner’s locations and is made up of five main activities;

  • Public programme
    A wide range of events, festivals, talks and artworks will be presented in each partner’s location to share the Fieldwork projects. Each network partner will host Fieldworks from other partner locations alongside the ones they have commissioned themselves.
  • Critical network
    Across all BE PART activity, a group of four artists and researchers – Roland Gunst (SA/BR), Marwa Arsanios (US), Lotte van Berg (BR) and Fanny Robles (FR) provide questioning, criticality and ideas to support the programme’s development.
  • Assemblies
    Once a year there will be an Assembly to create a shared moment for everyone involved in BE PART to gather alongside local communities and audiences. The first Assembly is at SSW in Lumsden, in March 2021.
  • Evaluation
    The project is evaluated throughout the 4 years using a process of applied research by Dr Sophie Hope (UK) and Henry Mulhall (UK), supported by SSW.

The shared learning that comes from these 5 areas of work, and the international alliance formed through the project, will enable network partners to collectively re-imagine and enact different ways to share power, co-create artwork and collaborate with artists and citizens.

To keep up to date with the project’s activity, visit the dedicated BE PART website: www.beyondparticipation.eu

You can also follow BE PART on Facebook and sign up for a regular newsletter.

*BE PART is led by Santarcangelo Festival (IT) with partners Artsadmin (UK), City of Women (SI), Cork Midsummer Festival (IE), Festival de Marsielle (FR),  URB Festival/ Kiasma (FI), L’Art Rue (TN), Homo Novus/NTIL (LV) and Vooruit (BE).


BE PART is made possible with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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