Emerging Artist

2016 Emerging Artists: Lucas Ferguson-Sharp, Solanne Bernard, Caitlyn Main,Tako Taal.

Artist Fanny Christie with 2016 Emerging Artists: Lucas Ferguson-Sharp, Solanne Bernard, Caitlyn Main, Tako Taal.



The Emerging Artist programme was established in 2011 to specifically assist emerging artists while studying or immediately after leaving education. It runs alongside the AiR programme, as well as offering a peer-peer exchange period during the spring, when for one month the programme is restricted to Emerging Artist residents only.

Group Programme
*The EA Group Residency is specifically for BA graduate students who graduated the previous year. Therefore the 2017  EA Group Residency is for BA graduates of 2016. Open to International applications.

This programme offers an opportunity to network with peers outside the educational establishments. The programme focuses on establishing professional practice within a residential setting, with graduates at the same stage of development. The mix of experiences from undergraduate programmes and expansion from known norms helps solidify progress after a break from undergraduate/postgraduate programmes, giving time and space away from the everyday to assess and contextualise your practice.

As with the SSW AiR programme, residents are asked to give an introductory talk regarding their practice, inspirations, backgrounds. This offers an opportunity for others to learn about your work, and for further independent dialogue during your stay. There are also be at bi-weekly studio visits during the residency, reading groups, film nights and a small concluding open studio display on the last day.

Four to six residents are selected in total, and each has a one-to-one tutorial with SSW Director during the residency period.

Individual Programme
The Individual programme is open to:

  • Current students- undergraduate or post graduate.
  • Undergraduates within two years of leaving studies.
  • Postgraduates within one year of leaving studies.

The individual programme is run alongside the main SSW AiR programme, and allows for newly graduated students to work alongside artists at various stages in their careers. The programme commitments are in line with the SSW AiR, and where possible the same one-on-one tutorial with the SSW Director is offered.

SSW is a particularly good venue to develop new skills and techniques, with dedicated time and space, as well as an excellent technician on hand to guide you through various technical processes.

2017 Group Programme Dates: 3rd April – 1st May
Group Programme Application Deadline: Midnight 27th February
Cost to Artist: £370/month
Duration: one month.


Individual Residencies: One space a month is available over May- June- August- September. Apply via AiR programme. The AiR programme will be open for applications mid Feb 2017. 
Individual Programme Deadline: in line with AiR programme
Cost to Artist: £370/month
Duration:  one month.


Application: please submit the following Documentation:

  •  SSW Application Cover Form
  • A cover letter stating your intent and reasons for applying to the programme, demonstrating an understanding and response to the location, critical programme and/or facilities. (500 words max.)
  • A short statement regarding your practice. (250 words max.)
  • Up to date resume/CV
  • A digital portfolio (4 – 6 work samples, e.g. images, text samples or links to online content)

All supporting documentation should be within one PDF document no larger than 6MB.

Applications should be emailed to Yvonne Billimore, Programme Manager at arts@ssw.org.uk, and should have the title of the residency programme in the subject heading.

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