Pause, ’til 2022

Behind a slushy pavement, snow covered fields stretch into the distance. The snow is quite light, so the long grass, hedges and trees are still dark brown and high contrast against the brightness of the snow. The front left of the field looks particularly brushy and shaded because of this. There are low hills in the distance behind some dark trees, also snow covered. The sky is bright blue, with a swathe of light sweeping down the left hand of the photo. Some bare tree branches stretch into the frame from above ,almost touching the hills in the distance but not quite.View over the wall, from SSW's yard (2021). Photo: Zoë Tumika

SSW is closed from Wednesday 22 December – Wednesday 5 January 2022 for a winter break.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has worked with us and supported our work in 2021 – you are all very much appreciated and we can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2022.

From Lumsden Live, a 5 day’s radio broadcast on FM and online forming the first EU BEPART Assembly, through to the announcement of our exciting capital development plans, 2021 has offered so much possibility for the coming years.

After the break we are looking forward to continuing our work on EU Large Collaboration Project, BE PART, through Devising Governance and The Rural School of Economics. We can’t wait for residency and open access to begin again and are glad to announce two funded residencies this week for 2022, with partners in Scotland and Finland.

With the opening of our site in summer 2022, following the first phase of capital development, we will see the reopening of ceramics, new courses and an emerging, regular and co-created programme in the Community Making Space – watch that space!

So as we draw close to the winter solstice, we will pause, rest and recuperate, ready to continue our work in 2022. Happy holidays!

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