The Lumsden Weekender 2018

Image: George Ridgway

The Lumsden Weekender is SSW’s annual open weekend where we share the work and ideas developed by artists on residency at SSW throughout the year. The Weekender hosts a range of workshops, talks, walks and performances for all ages to get involved in and enjoy.

This summer we supported a new residency programme, the Lumsden Residency, in which selected artists Anna Wolfe-Pauly and Dorian Braun, India Harvey and George Ridgway developed new ideas and research drawing on experimental play, Deep Listening and storytelling. These ideas and practices were explored in collaboration with Lumsden Primary school pupils and teachers, and culminated in a series of interactive sculptures, making workshops and local walks presented at the Weekender.

Alongside this activity for younger participants, artist and performer Sholto Dobie presented a new composition, Hoolie-gool-oo-oo, which he has developed through the SSW x Counterflows residency. Based in Lumsden’s ‘Rhynie Chert’ quarry, Sholto performed with an improvised array of self-built instruments and noise contraptions which sonically explored the unique local environment.

All events are free and drop-in.

Saturday 3 November

With a series of activities for and by young people, Saturday’s programme offers practical, imaginative and experimental making and play workshops. Drop-in to the Bothy for artists’ films, sustenance and sweet treats, before we welcome the winter evening with a bonfire, sparklers and DIY pizzas cooked in an outdoor pizza oven.

11.00am – 1.00pm
Togæther — George Ridgway with pupils from Lumsden School

Kicking off the weekend, artist George Ridgway will lead a short storytelling walk titled Togæther, with pupils from Lumsden Primary School. Drawing from the students’ interactions with and perceptions of Cushie Moss, a local woodland and bogland environment, the walk forms a loose story punctuated by acts of collecting and gathering. Forming ‘chapters’ in a story, gentle activities will offer alternate ways of getting to know the place. Participants will bring the gathered material back to SSW where they will collectively build an ephemeral sculpture, which will last for the duration of the Weekender.

1pm – 5pm
Film Café

Pop in for soup, sweet treats and artists’ films throughout the afternoon.
Cakes courtesy of Caroldson’s Café.

12pm – 2pm
Wild Cycle Pit Stop —Bike fixing and maintenance for children and young people

Bring your bike for a winter health check with Wild Cycle Pit Stop. Learn how to fix, maintain and prepare your bike for wet and dark conditions, so it’ll keep you moving safely over the coming winter months.

1 – 3pm
Splat, squish, resist – A new Lumsden cloth
Textile workshop for young people with India Harvey

Experiment with textiles to make flags and banners to display in Lumsden over the Weekender. Learn new and traditional techniques including dying, printing and painting on fabric to communicate your experiences of living in Lumsden and the surrounding areas.

3pm – 5pm
Tipping Point — India Harvey with young people in Lumsden

Head along to the Lumsden Square for the opening of a temporary outdoor sculptural playscape, built over the course of a week at SSW by artist India Harvey and young people in Lumsden. Responding to the immanent regeneration of the Square, the play-things will move and change as they are ‘activated’ by young people and their families through free play, open ended games and unusual movement.

Lumsden Play Park Group will be joining India in the Square to share some plans for the upcoming redevelopment of Lumsden play park.

5pm— late
Bonfire and pizzas

This fun-filled day will culminate with lighting the bonfire in the SSW fire circle. Join us for a donations bar, music, sparklers and DIY fire-cooked pizzas.

7:30pm — 8pm
Halloween pumpkins and pre-party pizzas 

Help us judge the Lumsden School PTA Halloween pumpkin carving competition. Come along before, during or after the school Halloween parties in Lumsden Village Hall, for pizza and bonfire (and an adult-only donations bar!). Halloween parties: Pre- and Primary School, 6:00pm—6:30pm; High School, 8:00pm—9:30pm

Sunday 4 November

Sunday will offer a chance to slow down and delve further into acoustic experiences with a performance by Sholto Dobie and listening workshop with Dorian Braun.

Tender — Dorian Braun and Anna Wolfe-Pauly

Using concepts of slowing down, rest and psychoacoustics, this workshop will explore how sensations in the inner ear and on the surface of the skin are mediated by our inner and outer environments. Opening up alternate ways of knowing and listening, Tender will offer techniques to develop receptivity and redirect attention to the sonisphere as a site of transformation.

Wear clothing suitable for all weathers as this workshop will be delivered outside. Meet at the fire pit in the SSW yard.

1pm – 3pm
Hoolie-gool-oo-oo — Sholto Dobie

Presenting new compositions and research based around ideas of personhood, nature and the act of listening developed on residency at SSW, artist Sholto Dobie will perform with an array of home-built instruments within Lumsden’s Rhynie Chert quarry. The aural composition will bounce and wind around the landscape, transforming the soundscape and suggesting alternative ways of negotiating our bodies in landscape.

The quarry is a 30 minute walk from SSW. We will set off from the courtyard at 1pm, and return at 2:30/3pm for discussion and a light meal. There is transport available to those with access requirements. Please phone or email to reserve transport for this performance.

3pm – 5pm
Public Sauna

Built for Mari Keski Korsu’s 2015 project, Beat to the Balance, the SSW sauna will be fired up from 3-5pm on Sunday to offer participants the chance to take care, wind down, connect and relax as the sun sets on the weekend. Bring your own towel.

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