Ceramics Subscription

Image of a busy Ceramics Workshop at the end of the SSW x Counterflows Caregivers residency 2023. Photo by Sam Trotman

We are glad to open up our recently renovated Ceramics Studio to new users through a Ceramics Subscription. This new offer builds on and replaces our previous Regular & Established practice offer that operated in 2022-23.

Ceramics Subscription provides 8 x 3 hour sessions to the studio per month* on a Thursday and Friday through a no questions asked, sliding pay scale set up to ensure that the space is accessible to more people from a wide range of economic backgrounds.

Ceramics Subscription enables users to have regular, independent access to SSW’s ceramics studio along with some technical guidance. It is aimed at supporting a broad range of people both artists and makers with existing skills and experience working in ceramics as well as those who are beginners, and are keen to develop their ceramics skills and knowledge with regular workshop access. You’ll be able to develop your own projects and practice clay skills within a friendly group with access to a wide range of equipment and materials.

* The 8 x 3 hour sessions per month could for example be booked to come one day per week and this can be done by booking both the morning and afternoon sessions on the same day each week or if preferred you can just come for half day sessions.

Subscribers receive:

  • Up to 24 hours of access per month, equivalent to 8 x 3 hour sessions or 1 day per week (please note that you do not have to use all of the allotted hours each month and no refunds will be given if all of the 24 hours are not used)
  • Personal storage allocation (W40 x D30 x H50)
  • Some technical guidance for our Ceramics Technician
  • Subscriber’s rates for firing, for items made start to finish at SSW

Please note that Ceramics Subscription does not include materials or firing costs. These will be charged monthly through keeping a materials/ firings sheet.

You can read the full Ceramics Subscription Terms and Conditions online.

What is a Sliding Pay Scale?

Our sliding pay scale means that the costs to use Ceramics Subscription is adjusted depending on your income. We set this at 3 different rates to allow for fairness and to address income inequality. The higher your income, the more you will pay, the lower your income, the less you will pay.

Our sliding scale uses a needs-based approach to money and relies on honesty. For example if you are able to regularly pay for courses or studio use, please contribute something near to what you might pay for a similar offer. Of course, sometimes you can’t or there are other needs you have which mean you don’t want to. Please remember that SSW is a charity and all income brought in through ceramics subscription goes back into our work supporting artists and communities.

In case you are uncertain of which price to pay, please get in touch. We are here to help and we will not ask anyone to justify their choices or divulge any personal information about their circumstances. For any questions regarding sliding scale, please contact Joanne Matthews, Programme Producer arts@ssw.org.uk or call the office on 01464 861372. See sliding scale rates below

Subscribers self define their subscription fee level depending on their economic situation. Use the criteria below as a guide, you can meet all or some of the criteria in the scale that you choose.

8 x 3 hour sessions per month
You could for example book to come one day per week, this can be done by booking both the morning and afternoon session in the same day each week.

Subscribers self define their subscription fee depending on their economic situation. Use the criteria below as a guide, you can meet all or some of the criteria in the scale that you choose.

Rate 1 – £50
Please choose this rate if you

  • Frequently stress about meeting basic needs and don’t always achieve them
  • Are not employed or work a low amount of hours or are a precarious worker
  • Are on benefits, for example Universal Credit, Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Basic state pension, Personal independence Payment (PiP)
  • Have no or very limited expendable income

Rate 2 – £80
Please choose this rate if you

  • May stress about meeting some basic needs but still regularly achieve them
  • Are employed
  • Have some expendable income

Rate 3 – £150
Please choose this rate if you

  • Are comfortably able to meet all basic needs
  • Have expendable income

Once you have completed the booking form and set up your payment, Subscribers can book their sessions via the Subscribers’ page, this is a password protected page and you will receive the booking link once you have filled out the online form above.

Our payment method is standing order, once you have completed your booking form you will be provided with details to set up a standing order. Payments should be set up before you start your sessions.

How does it work?
Subscribers have access to the Ceramics workshop on the following days:

Thursdays, 10am – 1pm
Thursdays, 1.30pm – 5pm
Fridays, 10am -1pm
Fridays, 1.30pm – 5pm

A session lasts 3 hours and you are free to book your sessions at any point in the month. Once all places are taken there will be up to 5 other Ceramic Subscribers in each session as well as other artists in residence.

Your very first session will comprise of an induction to the workshop, including health and safety procedures, community guidelines review and some of the skills and processes we can support. Following this, you will be free to work at your own pace and a technician will be available in some sessions to support your learning, if required. As it is a small group of people, you will get to know the other subscribers and users of the studio building a friendly and supportive environment.

We have space to take on 20 people at a time and don’t operate a waiting list. If you are interested in getting involved with ceramics at SSW but not wanting to commit to a Ceramics Subscription we recommend you check out our Courses programme.

Any person is eligible for Ceramics Subscription. You do not need to have existing skills or experience in working in ceramics however we will ask that you respect our organisational values and agree to our Community Guidelines before joining. We advise that you attend a Course before committing if you are a beginner to make sure it is for you, although this is not required.

Further information:
You will also have access to our shared kitchen, lunch area and tea and coffee making facilities. If you require time away from the group environment you are welcome to use the SSW wellbeing room.

If you have any suggestions, questions or requirements relating to accessibility at SSW, please get in touch and we will make every effort to support you to visit.

You can read our Ceramics Subscription Terms and Conditions online.

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