Ceramics: Firing service

The image is largely cast in shadow, with a dramatic beam of light cutting diagonally across it. The light falls on 2 MDF throwing batts, next to each other on a shelf above a long, white radiator. The batts have some clay vessels on them which vary in form and are a light, sandy grey in colour.Photo(detail): Maija Annikki Savolainen

We offer a firing-only service with regular bisque and glaze firings in our kilns available to book online. Firings are completed by our skilled ceramics technician, Amy Benzie.

Kilns: We have two kilns at SSW:
1. A Nabertherm Top 60 eco. 60 litre capacity, with interior dimensions: H44 cm x diameter 36cm
2. A Stanton Front Loader 210 litre capacity, with interior dimensions: W55cm x D55cm x H76cm

Firing programmes: We run three standard firing programmes:

1. Bisque firing at 1000 degrees C. (Cone 06)
2. Earthenware glaze firing at 1060 degrees C. (Cone 04)
3. Stoneware mid temp. firing at 1230 degrees C. (Cone 5/6)

Any other firing programme outwith our standard programmes can be discussed with the ceramics technician. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about this.

Bisque firings (programme 1) costs £28 per quarter kiln.
Glaze firings (programmes 2 & 3) cost £31 per quarter kiln.

A quarter kiln = D55 x W 28 x H36 cm
A half kiln (2 x quarter) = D55 x W55 x H36 cm
A full kiln (4 x quarter) = D55 x W55 x H72 cm

Bookings can be made for a quarter, half or full kiln, dependent on availability. These sizes are based on our larger kiln, although we may use the smaller one to fire your work if it is more environmentally friendly, depending on the firing programme and other work being fired.

If you book less than one full kiln, please be aware that the kiln will be shared with other users.

How it works: Book per quarter kiln, for example if you need a half kiln, you will need to book 2 x quarters.

Reserve your firings via this online form.

The Ceramics Technician will meet you at the booked time and will check over your work. She will check that the items you deliver will fit within the firing size you have booked. She will then accept the booking if the work is ready to be fired and take payment by card. Work in the firing service will usually be available to collect within 3 weeks of drop off, but we will email or phone you when your work is ready to collect.

Work delivered for glaze firings must be previously bisque fired and wiped clean of glaze, on the surfaces that will make contact with the kiln shelves.

Items glazed with independently purchased glazes must be dropped off with a Material Data Sheet. Please be aware that all glazes can have variable results due to the changing kiln loads.

Further information: Read our firing service terms and conditions.

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