Ceramics: Clay shop

Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

To support you to practice at home, our Clay Shop offers a limited selection of clay to purchase. Our Clay Shop is open Tuesdays, 11am – 1pm.

The clay shop usually stocks:

Black Smooth Clay (PF680) £26.07
Black Textured Clay (PF670) £22.61
Gelb French Stoneware Clay £18.16
KBJ Clay £18.43
MJ Originale £16.69
Raku Clay £12.41
Speckled Stoneware (ES109) £14.20
Stoneware V9A Clay £9.13
White Stoneware (PF560) £15.69
White Stoneware Grogged £15.32

One bag = 12.5 kg
Purchase is dependent on stock levels
Payment by card on point of sale.

All prices are per bag and inclusive of VAT.
Prices may vary from those listed here – for the most up to date prices, please contact us.

If you are looking for more than 2 bags of clay please ring ahead so we can advise you of stock levels and order in if required. This may take several weeks.

Clay Shop terms and conditions: MS Word, pdf.

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