Ceramics: Established Practice

Glaze tests in the ceramics workshop at SSW. Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

Established Practice offers regular independent access to SSW’s ceramics workshop on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It is aimed at artists, makers and ceramicists with existing skills and experience working in ceramics, who are starting to develop a serious practice and want to further hone their skills and ideas.

Established Practice subscribers receive: 

  • 24 hours of independent practice per month (4 x 6 hour sessions) in SSW’s ceramics workshop
  • Personal storage allocation (W80 x D40 x H100 cm)
  • Subscriber’s rates for firing, for items made start to finish at SSW
  • Reduced rates for 1:1 sessions to focus on specific skills or projects

£120 per month per person incl VAT

We are not accepting new subscribers at the moment.

Established Practice subscribers must have attended Regular Practice sessions, or previous ceramics programmes at SSW, or have an independent ceramics practice. Although we do not expect you to have a qualification in ceramics, we would expect you to demonstrate equivalent experience and have the skills and knowledge to work safely and independently.

Subscribers can book their sessions via the Subscribers’ page.

Our payment method is standing order, once you have completed your booking form you will be provided with details to set up a standing order. Payments should be set up before your start your sessions.

How does it work?
Established Practice sessions take place:
Mondays, 9am – 5pm
Wednesdays, 9am – 5pm
Thursdays, 1pm – 7pm
Saturdays, 9am – 5pm

A session lasts 6 hours, although you don’t need to stay for the full time. You can choose when to use your 24 hours across the month, within the session periods. There will be a maximum of 2 Established Practice subscribers working in the studio at any one time.

Your very first session will comprise of an induction to the workshop, including health and safety procedures. We will do this even if you have used the workshop before. Following this, you will be free to work independently in the studio, in line with our terms and conditions.

Further information:
If you have any suggestions, questions or requirements relating to accessibility at SSW, please get in touch and we will make every effort to support you to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Established Practice.
Also available to download: MS Word, pdf, Large Print
Our FAQs are currently being updated, new documents coming soon

You can also read our Established Practice Terms and Conditions online, or download a pdf version.

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