Ceramics: Clay shop

Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

To support you to practice at home, our Clay Shop offers a limited selection of clay to purchase. Our Clay Shop is open Tuesdays, 11am – 1pm.

Update 25/01/21: The Clay Shop is closed due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. We hope to open for all your clay needs when Aberdeenshire is in tier 3 of local protection measures.

We will upload an updated price list for the most commonly purchased materials in January.

All prices are per bag and inclusive of VAT
One bag = 12.5 kg
Purchase is dependent on stock levels
Payment by card on point of sale.

If you are looking for more than 2 bags of clay please ring ahead so we can advise you of stock levels and order in if required. This may take several weeks.

We may also be able to provide other clays and clay tools. Please get in touch if there is something particular you are looking for.

Clay Shop terms and conditions: MS Word, pdf.

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