Congratulations Eden!

Visual Artists Award: Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Council 2012

Congratulations to our Senior Technician Eden Jolly aka Olid Nordhausen for receiving the Visual Artists Award from Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Council!

Eden’s work focuses on the transformation in agriculture that occurred during the rise of the industrial revolution. As the influences of the period made their way out to the countryside, the dynamic between the use of farming machinery and manual labor shifted so that local laborers became sidelined as agriculture and farming became fundamentally machinery-based.

The award gives Eden the opportunity use sculpture as a means to explore new ways of using agricultural machinery of with local school children from the Aberdeenshire area, while combining the subjects of technical design, mathematics, physics, biology, art and ecology and engineering. The aim is to encourage the pupils to consider how the field and tools may evolve as environmental concerns and renewable energy sources gain more impact on agricultural practice.  The project will see Eden guiding the pupils through the stages of design, development and realisation of creating futuristic outcomes as a response to rewarding, labor intensive and ecologically friendly ways of making the most of the local environment.

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