Good morning Miss Barnes, Good morning Mr. Priestley, Good morning everyone!

So we were back to school this week; teachers, small chairs and nostalgic puddings included.  Craig and I had planned a two day workshop for the P4-P7s at Lumsden Primary and we had been excited about it all weekend.  The radio station build was simultaneously gathering momentum back in the workshop and it feels like this unique project is really coming together.  But we want it to grow wings…

So that’s where the children play a huge role.  Not only do they run with ideas, they take them to the sky.  For the sky is the limit when you’re not grounded by being grown up.

Learning to use the audio recorders and microphones took a LOT less time than we thought it would, but then Craig and I come from a different generation.  Where once there were skipping ropes, now lies a Wii handset, so of course getting them up to speed was a doddle.

Among the tasks of the day, were celebrity interviews (role-play-tastic), exploring sound effects and collectively recording a scrambled version of Old MacDonald for the following day’s editing lesson.  Though, with all the achievements of the first day, the task that reflected most why the two days were to be so worthwhile, was the ‘magic banana test’.  Recording is daunting and voices quieten and can be lost behind a scary mic, so we used bananas instead (in place of mics) to break the ice .  Ice broken, their voices lifted and bingo, 24 little radio stars emerged.

Both days were choca-block, packed full of different ways to engage with radio, engage with your own voice and your own style and importantly, engage with Goodman’s Croft.  Under the watchful and kind eyes of Mrs Thompson and Miss MacKintosh (who run a wonderful school by the way), Craig and I chuckled and coached and shepherded a classroom full talented kids.

A memerable couple of days that’s for sure, which shall not be forgotten.  For we have most of it recorded for the launch of Goodman’s Croft, Radio Lumsden on October 15th.  Stay tuned…


PS. Mrs Mackie IS the best cook in the world. Fact.

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