Graeme Beagrie from RBS visits SSW for the day…

On Thursday 8 March, Graeme Beagrie, Relationship Manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland in Aberdeen, spent a day in the SSW foundry. Graeme spent the day getting to know some of the regional artists and international visitors at the workshops, learning about mould making and the foundry processes. The picture above shows him pulling the crucible out of the furnace, getting ready to pour the molten metal into an artists mould. Graeme did a fantastic job and we hope to see him back at SSW in the future!

The SSW foundry is one of the few hands on artist-accessible foundries in the UK, where they are taken through every stage of the process. We have artists from near and far every year that come to Lumsden in order to make their work. Regular student groups come out to SSW to take advantage of this facility, and this spring we have student groups from AKI in Holland and Clermont Ferrand in France, as well as two student residents from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

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