How time passes when you're having fun!

Hi everyone! Sorry for not blogging for over a week, its been busy and crazy here in the SSW community room, but we have had a great week. Unfortunately, Jules had to head back home after her time here working with the local children and community….she went with a bang too. She arranged a pub quiz in the Lumsden local and it was a great night full of laughs, partying and it was well turned out. Thanks to everyone who came.

Well, I’m on my own this week and even though there is the opportunity to sit back, its not! I’ve been finishing off training in Alford primary, helping to prepare for the launch (more details to follow) and by the end of the day tomorrow I will have been in to every primary school in the area to tell them about the station and promote launch day. But none of this would be possible with out the help of staff and fellow artist here. It was great on Monday as we took a couple of hours off, all sat together and talked about our individual artist practice, really powerful and educational.

Anyway, enough of me going on. Whats coming up this week and what is there for you to be involved in: the answer is a lot. Firstly, we now have a station website www.goodmanscroft.org  which, at the moment its only telling you about the station and it launch but keep your eye on it, it will be growing, trust me. Secondly, on Tuesday 11th October, just down the road in Rhynie, we will be recording a radio drama. It starts at 7:30 at their new community hall called 14. The event is free and I would highly recommend it. The young people have been very busy working on their lines.

And finally the Launch, which is on the 15th October. Here is a list of the events so come and join us in celebrating this event.

Time: 10:30am till 4pm

Venue: Scottish Sculpture Workshop,

1 Main Street,
Lumsden, AB54 4JN

Event(s): Radio Workshop, Hand-building Pottery taster sessions, cuttlefish casting, Picture Show Caravan,
Art Cafe

Time : 4pm till 7pm

Venue: Lumsden Village Hall
The Square, Lumsden

Event: Young Person Disco with DJ Craig Priestley

Time: 7pm till Midnight

Venue: Lumsden Village Hall
The Square, Lumsden

Event: Live Music from Local bands, Musicians and Choral Groups
followed by Adult Disco with DJ Craig Priestley

All the above is free and we will have food available. The event is BYOB evening.

I’ll sign off here, hope we caught everyone up on the happenings here in the station. But to finish off, here is a picture of Jules and I with the children from Lumsden Primary, teaching them how to use a microphone with the help of bananas.


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