Leeds Invasion…

Students from Leeds College of Art descended on SSW for a week long workshop in the foundry. The project was inspired by the 2012 Olympics and the students created their own medals to cast into bronze. Although SSW facilities were groaning slightly under the strain – SSW has never had so many people in residence – the full house brought with it a surge of energy in the studios. The students have all been fantastic and made it an exciting time to be here!

‘I had an amazing time working at SSW, would definitely return! Great to have the opportunity to work with bronze casting and my only wish is that it was closer to home.’

The environment was perfect, it enabled me to concentrate on the process. I feel the rural surroundings SSW is situated in also helps.’

‘Eden has tremendous knowledge, this is the heart off SSW but around that having other artists and students sharing knowledge therefore LEARNING is in a buoyant, dynamic context: the best way. Therefore, my knowledge has expanded: methods, materials, techniques and approaches. The artists talks were a stimulating addition.’

‘The Foundry is extremely important and the Technician exemplary both in terms of knowledge, interpersonal skills and ability to teach the skills.’

‘Having never experienced bronze casting before this has further enhanced my knowledge and pretty much inspired me to consider doing sculpture more.’

‘I feel as though I have learned a great deal about the process of metal casting on a whole. Lumsden itself has inspired me to produce more works with its abandoned buildings and wildlife. The weather and scenery is quite amazing especially in the mornings when a group of us frequently took walks.’

‘The staff are incredibly kind and helpful, welcoming and always chatty. SSW is a really great place to come and work, you have a fine establishment!’

‘Great relaxed and open environment to work in. ‘Always do-able’ attitude and hands on personal approach, perfect! Would have to come again and stay longer. Will stay in touch and see you all soon.’

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