SSW Welcomes Coral Lambert

SSW Welcomes Sculptor and USUK Director Coral Lambert to the workshops this coming Friday for the start of the UK stretch of the USUK International Cast Iron Symposium.

Coral Lambert, director of USUK which she founded 15 years ago, is originally from England and is currently the Associate Professor + Chair of Sculpture at Alfred University, New York. Lambert heads up the National Casting Center Foundry. Born in the UK, she studied at Central School of Art, London, Canterbury College of Art, Kent and received her MFA in Sculpture from Manchester in 1990. She specializes in cast metal sculpture and since her time as an International Research Fellow Artist at the University of Minnesota from 95 -98, this has remained a consistent realm of investigation regarding process and material in the making of her work.

Lambert has just come from Salem Art Works in NY, USA where the USUK Symposium kicked off and will be here to guide and oversee the UK leg of the symposium. She states that one reason for starting the Symposium was to share the pioneering spirit of what is American to an international audience.

Her work seen here utilizes the foundry as a laboratory to explore the union of concept, process and nature of various materials, the sculpture manifests itself through heat ‘n’ treat practices such as mould making, melting, casting and fabrication. Celebrating the molten metal’s transient liquid state, as well as to its weight and permanence; the metal is a living material it breathes, oxidizes, and grows, emerging from the mould raw and elemental as if raised from the earth’s depths. Her forms careen between science and fiction : Her process speeds up the work of nature.

You can see more of Lambert’s work here: http://corallambert.blogspot.com/

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