Upcoming: USUK International Cast Iron Symposium

Friday 7th – Sunday 22nd July 2012

In just under a month, SSW will be welcoming international artists to participate in the 2012 USUK International Cast Iron Symposium.

The 13th USUK International Cast Iron Symposium will take place for the first time across two venues as a dual cross-continental event, at Salem Art Works in Upstate New York, and here at SSW in the UK.

The symposium, led by Coral Lambert who instigated USUK back in 1996, will be an opportunity for selected visual artists to experiment with new ways of working, exchange ideas and techniques, and develop their skills over the course of the symposium.

The 15-day UK symposium will include a series of public events commencing on Sunday the 8th with the first in a series of artist talks. There will also be a Community Friday 13th Potluck Dinner, a public Iron Pour and celebrations to look forward to – so be sure keep these dates in your diary clear:

Sunday, July 8
7pm: Artists Presentations – SSW: Staff and Artists

Tuesday, July 10
7pm: Artists Presentations – USUK; Piers Albrook, Kevin Dart, Geoff Hockley

Thursday, July 12
7pm : Artists Presentations – USUK: Kelly Ludeking, Austin Sheppard, Jeff Crawford

Friday, July 13
7pm: Friday 13th Potluck with Lumsden Community

Monday, July 16
7pm: Artist Presentations – SSW: Staff and Artists

Wednesday, July 18
7pm : Artists Presentations – USUK; Susanne Roewer, Kelly Wilton, Ben Woodeson

Friday, July 20
Iron Pour 2: PUBLIC IRON POUR, Noon Onwards
Other activities include BBQ, paper-kiln/raku, Lumsden community celebrations, music etc.

Saturday, July 21
7pm: Farewell to USUK Artists

Artists involved in this years symposium include: Piers Allbrook,  Jeff Crawford, Kevin Dart, Geoff Hockley, Kelly Ludeking, Susanne Roewer, Austin Sheppard,  Kelly Wilton, and Ben Woodeson.

SSW Staff and Artists: Eden Jolly, Kevin Morris, Jennifer Argo, nam Le, Darren Farquhar, Petra Pennington, Catrin Jeans, Fraser McDonald, Ginny Hutchinson, Charles Engebretsen, and George Beasely.

Find out more about the USUK Cast Iron Symposium and this event here: http://usuksculpture.blogspot.co.uk/

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