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Good morning Miss Barnes, Good morning Mr. Priestley, Good morning everyone!

So we were back to school this week; teachers, small chairs and nostalgic puddings included.  Craig and I had planned a two day workshop for the P4-P7s at Lumsden Primary and we had been excited about it all weekend.  The radio station build was simultaneously gathering momentum back in the workshop and it feels like this unique project is really coming together.  But we want it to grow wings… So that’s where the children play a huge role.  Not only […]

Welcome to the Goodman's Croft

                Sign maker Ali at SSW NEOS open studios We’ve arrived! Me and my shining brilliant assistant and radio consultant Craig Priestley are in the depths of Lumsden ready to begin all things radio. We’ve already been fortunate to stumble across a bustling NEOS weekend and met with a signmaker, Ali, who’s begun work on our own Radio logo.  Watch this space I’m sure. The aim this week is to touch base, learn, collate and start building a unique radio […]