The USUK Artists Get Started on Casts

The group of international artists all here for the USUK: International Cast Iron Symposium, have all gotten started in the workshops this week preparing a diverse range of casts for the production iron pour to be held this weekend!

Geoff Hockley is busily constructing the internal mechanisms for a conceptual voting device in the studios. The piece, which is in the form of a surf board, is intended to be exhibited in a museum context, as an artefact which combined science and philosophy to reveal suitable electoral candidates.

While in the foundry, Susanne Roewer is currently working on a beautiful and robust sculpture, which she began in her studio in Switzerland and has brought to SSW especially to be cast in iron. Kevin Dart is working with sand, building up the contours of a face he plans to cast in multiple pieces, to be constructed, deconstructed and manipulated at liberty by viewers.

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