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Looking down into the quarry

Kemnay Quarry

One of the advantages of being part of the Aberdeen Granite Panel is that occasionally we get invited to the most interesting places. Last week, SSW staff Silja and Emily visited the Kemnay Quarry and Brickworks. We were not quite sure what to expect and very much enjoyed the rich visual impact, from the old machinery and new robotics to the quarry itself.

Introducing the participants of our Emerging Artist Residency

Week in Pictures… The March Emerging Artists Katie Anderson, Jen Bradley, Thomas Woodcock, Fiona McCubbin, Rachel Levine and Emily Iremonger, have been working in every workshop and almost every medium during their three week stay. Here is Katie Anderson showing us her copper cast horn that she is hoping to install during a hill walk over the next couple of weeks.                             Last week we held studio […]


USUK – Open Studio Exhibition

During the USUK: Public Iron Pour, SSW also opened its doors for an open studio exhibition of all the works produced by the USUK artists over the course of the symposium. Below are works by Kelly Ludeking,  Geoff Hockley, and Kevin Dart from the Open Studio event; to view more visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sswlumsden/sets/72157630747819524/

SSW Open Door Summer Celebration!

In conjunction with the USUK Public Iron Pour, SSW hosted an Open Door Summer Celebration on Friday 20th July! The afternoon kicked-off with a Potluck Picnic, with contributions from SSW as well as members of the community that came along while the USUK artists prepared the furnace for pour and made last-minute adjustments to moulds, and the musicians warmed-up. Members of the public also got the chance to take part in the proceedings, as USUK artist Jeff Crawford, performance artist […]

USUK Castle and Whisky Outing

Above – Some of the USUK crew at Auchindoun Castle (l-r; Nam Le, Jeff Crawford, SSW’s Emily Wyndham Gray, Austin Sheppard, Kelly Wilton, Kevin Dart, Coral Lambert and kelly Ludeking.) USUKers take on the rural North East for a day of historical and distilled enrichment! The last week has been so busy and action-packed with all the artists working hard to complete their moulds for the production pour at the weekend. The USUK artists managed to take some time out […]

Iron Pour in 2 days!

The USUK artists are working flat-out in preparation for the big production iron pour due to take place on Saturday here at SSW. Technical placement Nam Le, who has taken part in USUK on a cross continental basis this year, has been experimenting with USUK artist Jeff Crawford, to create a cast of his own face. Susanne Roewer is still busy working on one of the larger pieces to be cast during the symposium, while Kelly Wilton is working on moulds of minuscule organic matter, such […]

The USUK Artists Get Started on Casts

The group of international artists all here for the USUK: International Cast Iron Symposium, have all gotten started in the workshops this week preparing a diverse range of casts for the production iron pour to be held this weekend! Geoff Hockley is busily constructing the internal mechanisms for a conceptual voting device in the studios. The piece, which is in the form of a surf board, is intended to be exhibited in a museum context, as an artefact which combined […]

Makers' Meal – Ceramics Preparation

Long-time advocate of SSW, artist Judy Beasley, has been hard at work; already producing prototypes for crockery which will be part of the final Maker’s Meal ensemble. The event is now due to take place on the 1st of September.

Goodbye Euan!

Today we said our farewells to technical placement Euan Ogilvie who has been assisting our Senior Technician Eden Jolly over the last few months at SSW. Euan has been building a lean-to to accommodate the furness for our upcoming USUK International Cast Iron Symposium. Here Euan is perched proudly upon his handiwork featuring a plaque enscribed Londsdale Construction, after his aptly named Squennis title. We wish Euan all the best for his looming exhibition in Glasgow at the Glue Factory […]

Makers' Meal Underway!

On Friday the participants of our upcoming Makers’ Meal gathered together for the first time to discuss the outline of the project. Makers’ Meal will involve all of the artists’ collective efforts in creating a meal from the ground-up. In specialist groups they will produce everything from the table, ceramic plates, slumped glass drinking vessels, crockery, to home-brewed beverages and the meal itself! The collaborative project is an opportunity for the artists and facilitators involved to bring the communal and […]