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The profile of 2 people in a room, sat opposite each other at a table. The person on the left has blonde, wavy, shoulder-length hair. They wear a long coat with a tartan-like pattern, dark bottoms and boots. The person on the right has brown, straight hair in a bob. They wear red glasses; a multi coloured knit scarf; a purple and yellow striped top and blue trousers. Both people are smiling and looking out the large shop-front window next to them. The window faces on to a row of two storey; brown; pebble dashed; terraced houses on the Main Street in Lumsden.November Coffee Morning (2021). Photo: Zoë Tumika.

First steps towards Community Making Space

At the beginning of December we were glad to welcome artist Kathrin Böhm of Myvillages to SSW for the first visit in the Rural School of Economics BEPART Fieldwork. The work with Myvillages will centre around our new Community Making Space, created through our current Capital Development Project.  As an opportunity for our friends and neighbours in Lumsden to visit the Community Making Space and meet Kathrin in the early stages of this work, we temporarily opened up what will […]

The Lumsden Live studio faces out through a large shop front window onto Lumsden’s Main Street. ‘Lumsden Live’ in black and yellow vinyl is stuck on the window. 3 people are sat in the studio, all wearing big headphones and 2 of them are speaking into microphones. The other person is sitting in front of a mixer with lots of cables coming out it. The mixer is sat on a black worktop. The worktop goes across the window and curves round to continue along the wall on the right side of the room. There’s other bits of equipment and tech sat on it. Glistening gold string curtains cover the walls.Maxine Smith, Angela Main and Mark Vernon in the Lumsden Live Studio at Scottish Sculpture Workshop (2021). Photo: Joanne Cairney.

Lumsden Live: Podcasts

Lumsden Live was a radio station broadcasting live from Scottish Sculpture Workshop on FM and online, from 18 – 22 May 2021. The broadcast formed the first Assembly for the BE PART network (which you can read more about here) and brought together communities in Lumsden and the surrounding area with partners from across the BEPART network. The broadcasts featured live discussions, music, artworks and interviews. Contributions came from people who live in Lumsden, community groups and organisers based in […]

White wiggly text on a black background reads 'Lumsden Live 87.9'Design: Zoë Tumika

BEPART Assembly : Lumsden Live

From 18 – 22 May 2021, tune in to Lumsden Live, a community radio station on 87.9 FM in Lumsden and online across the world! Download a .pdf of the programme here or view the full schedule online at www.lumsden.live. Lumsden Live forms the first international Assembly for the BEPART project, an international network across Europe. Bringing together communities in Aberdeenshire with the wider BEPART network, the radio schedule sets out to explore how collective community action has and continues […]

Jake Williams photographed by 2019 Winter Residency artist Anna Mitterer (2019)

Call for proposals: Radio takeover shows

Updated deadline: Monday 26 April 2021 From 18 – 22 May, Lumsden Live, a new community radio station, will be broadcasting live from Scottish Sculpture Workshop on FM channels in Lumsden and online across the globe! Lumsden Live is a platform for people in Lumsden and the surrounding area to explore and imagine possibilities for the future of our rural communities. The community programming team is now looking for ideas and proposals for ‘takeover’ shows, to be broadcast throughout the […]

Sholto Dobie, Hoolie-gool-oo-oo (2018) SSW x Counterflows Residency. Photo: Erika Stevenson

Open Call: Community Radio Team Members

These roles have now been filled, but check back for other ways to get involved with Lumsden Live.15 days between Monday 29 March – Sunday 23 May 2021 Are you interested in connecting people and ideas in Lumsden and the surrounding areas? Are you excited to think about the future of our small rural community and the possibilities of what can happen here? Do you love radio or are you interested in learning how to run, programme and host a […]

Graphic: Rose Nordin

BE PART: Evaluation

SSW is leading the evaluation of the BE PART project. We are working with Dr Sophie Hope and Henry Mulhall to carry out research into co-creation across BE PART. Sophie and Henry will be exploring the different ways that everyone connected to the project is developing and engaging with the BE PART process. They will explore how decisions are made, relationships are built and changes are occurring. Their research aims to provide a space for reflecting on changing meanings, understandings, […]

THE RURAL / Bookcover of The Rural by Myvillages for DoCA series of Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press 2019 / Photo by Wapke Feenstra 2013

BE PART: The Rural School of Economics

We have launched the Lumbungsden taster programme with 6 weeks of workshops run by local people, the themes of which are based on ideas that were generated at our launch event. Find out more about this programme soon. For the first BE PART fieldwork at SSW we are be working with Kathrin Böhm and Wapke Feenstra from artist collective Myvillages. Over 2 years we are working together on an international trans-local programme called The Rural School of Economics. Myvillages understands economies as […]