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Lumbungsden launch. Photo by Felicity Crawshaw


Throughout 2023 the Community Making Space is being used be a test site for a broad range of ideas from the local community and groups. This test programme is called Lumbungsden* and is a collaborative project with artists Myvillages as part of their ongoing and multi-local Rural School of Economics. The Community Making Space will be shaped by local interests and groups over the coming months. The programme, look and future development of the space are to be decided by everyone who wants to share creative […]

The Community Making Space Opens

SSW Community Making Space opens its doors with the Lumbungsden* project launch by Myvillages1pm-7pmSaturday 3 December, 2022 Please join us as we open our new Community Making Space and introduce Lumbungsden, our collaborative project with artists Myvillages and their ongoing and multi-local Rural School of Economics. The day will celebrate a new community making space for Lumsden, which will be shaped by local interests and groups over the coming 6 months. The programme, look and future development are to be […]

Ecologies in the Making artist in residence, Iisa Lep­istö: Scot­land, the land of sand­stone and gran­ite

Blog reposted from the Uniarts Helsinki blog. Acad­emy of Fine Arts alum Iisa Lep­istö in res­i­dence: Scot­land, the land of sand­stone and gran­ite. The first post in a new series of writings by the Academy of Fine Arts alumni and their experiences at international art residencies is published at the Uniarts Helsinki´s blog site. Visual artist Iisa Lepistö is the first grantee of the alumni residency in Scotland. I’m happy to get to share my experiences from the new residency […]

Summer Residents 2019: September

A new group of residents has arrived at SSW for the third and final Summer Residency of 2019, and the site is buzzing once again. Below, we share an insight into their practices, and their plans for the month-long residency here. The third Summer Residency runs from 2 — 29 September 2019. Na LuiParis, France With a background in fashion, Na uses assemblage and cut-up fragments from literature as the starting point for her work. At SSW, she wants to […]

Lumsden Residency: Romy Danielewicz

Our second Lumsden Residency artist of 2019 is Romy Danielewicz, whose performance and writing-based practice looks at post-human perspectives, ecological and systemic breakdown. During Romy’s residency they devised a workshop drawing on ancient farming methods and the cyclical farming calendar. With the students at Lumsden Primary School, they collectively developed movements and routines based on these actions towards a collaborative dance score. Below, Romy shares some drawings and words from the workshop. Romy will return to SSW in November this […]

Programme and Communications Internship: Camille Biddell

One month into my internship at SSW, here are some snapshots of life in Lumsden. Time passes strangely – 4 weeks isn’t so long but the start feels a long time ago. Life has a different pace and is punctuated with memorable moments…. Driving up from the south, the roads get quieter and quieter, hills rise slowly and the sun spreads copper warmth on gentle peaks Watching molten bronze pour into molds Stealing sunny moments to swim in the river, […]

Summer Residency 2019Photo: Cam Biddell

Summer Residents 2019: August

Our second Summer Residency is well underway, beginning with a week of hot sunny days. Artists Claire Baily, Tal Gafny, Chelsea Farquhar and Romy Danielewicz have joined us on site from from Israel, Australia, London and Glasgow, alongside Open Access residents from across the UK. Below is a brief insight into the Summer Residents’ varied practices, and their plans for their forthcoming residency. The second Summer Residency runs from 29 July — 26 August 2019. Tal Gafny Tel Aviv, Israel […]