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USUK – Open Studio Exhibition

During the USUK: Public Iron Pour, SSW also opened its doors for an open studio exhibition of all the works produced by the USUK artists over the course of the symposium. Below are works by Kelly Ludeking,  Geoff Hockley, and Kevin Dart from the Open Studio event; to view more visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sswlumsden/sets/72157630747819524/

SSW Open Door Summer Celebration!

In conjunction with the USUK Public Iron Pour, SSW hosted an Open Door Summer Celebration on Friday 20th July! The afternoon kicked-off with a Potluck Picnic, with contributions from SSW as well as members of the community that came along while the USUK artists prepared the furnace for pour and made last-minute adjustments to moulds, and the musicians warmed-up. Members of the public also got the chance to take part in the proceedings, as USUK artist Jeff Crawford, performance artist […]


USUK Public Iron Pour

The USUK Public Iron Pour took place this Friday past as part of SSW’s Open Door Summer Celebration. The USUK Public Iron Pour was a great event and had a full crowd gathered to watch open mould-rolling performances with the molten iron, carried out in the capable hands of the USUK professionals and the SSW technical team. The public pour saw the finial pieces being made by several of the USUK artists including Geoff Hockley, Austin Sheppard, Kelly Wilton, and […]


USUK: Big Production Iron Pour

The first iron pour of the UK leg of USUK Cast Iron Symposium has come and gone in a flash it seems, and an impressive amount of work has come about on behalf of the international artists here at SSW for the symposium. In total, the artists got through 2100lbs of iron with the help of the SSW technicians Eden Jolly and Virginia Hutchison, and a few local artists who were on site to lend a hand, including SSW patron […]

Iron Pour in 2 days!

The USUK artists are working flat-out in preparation for the big production iron pour due to take place on Saturday here at SSW. Technical placement Nam Le, who has taken part in USUK on a cross continental basis this year, has been experimenting with USUK artist Jeff Crawford, to create a cast of his own face. Susanne Roewer is still busy working on one of the larger pieces to be cast during the symposium, while Kelly Wilton is working on moulds of minuscule organic matter, such […]

The USUK Artists Get Started on Casts

The group of international artists all here for the USUK: International Cast Iron Symposium, have all gotten started in the workshops this week preparing a diverse range of casts for the production iron pour to be held this weekend! Geoff Hockley is busily constructing the internal mechanisms for a conceptual voting device in the studios. The piece, which is in the form of a surf board, is intended to be exhibited in a museum context, as an artefact which combined […]

USUK: Welcome BBQ

Interactive Dundee and Glasgow-based artists Catrin Jeans and Fraser MacDonald organised a Wimbledon themed welcome BBQ for the artists involved in the USUK: International Cast Iron Symposium here at SSW to give them a taste of British culture. Our communities room was turned into a SSW tennis court complete with bunting and a projection of the live Wimbledon finals. The USUK artists were also treated to strawberries and cream to coincide with the theme of the match, with post-dinner tennis […]

Public Programme: USUK Cast Iron Symposium

So here it is – drop by and say hi or join us for the artist talks, Friday 13th Potluck, the production pour on Saturday 14th or the SSW Summer BBQ on Friday 20th… Sunday, July 8 7pm: Artists Presentations – SSW; Catrin Jeans & Fraser MacDonald, Ginny Hutchinson, George Beasley   Tuesday, July 10 7pm: Artists Presentation – Kevin Dart   Thursday, July 12 7pm: Artists Presentations – Jeff Crawford and Austin Sheppard   Friday, July 13 7pm: Friday […]

USUK Symposium – The Artists

Over the next week we will be welcoming all the artitsts who will be participating in the USUK Cast Iron Symposium here at SSW. Already with us are Austin Sheppard and Jeff Crawford from the US, as well as our new technical placement Nam Le, who has just joined us after working on the US portion of the symposium at Salem Art Works in NY, USA. Still to come are Kevin Dart, Geoff Hockley, Kelly Ludeking, Susanne Roewer, Kelly Wilton and […]

SSW Welcomes Coral Lambert

SSW Welcomes Sculptor and USUK Director Coral Lambert to the workshops this coming Friday for the start of the UK stretch of the USUK International Cast Iron Symposium. Coral Lambert, director of USUK which she founded 15 years ago, is originally from England and is currently the Associate Professor + Chair of Sculpture at Alfred University, New York. Lambert heads up the National Casting Center Foundry. Born in the UK, she studied at Central School of Art, London, Canterbury College […]