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Behind a slushy pavement, snow covered fields stretch into the distance. The snow is quite light, so the long grass, hedges and trees are still dark brown and high contrast against the brightness of the snow. The front left of the field looks particularly brushy and shaded because of this. There are low hills in the distance behind some dark trees, also snow covered. The sky is bright blue, with a swathe of light sweeping down the left hand of the photo. Some bare tree branches stretch into the frame from above ,almost touching the hills in the distance but not quite.View over the wall, from SSW's yard (2021). Photo: Zoë Tumika

Pause, ’til 2022

SSW is closed from Wednesday 22 December – Wednesday 5 January 2022 for a winter break. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has worked with us and supported our work in 2021 – you are all very much appreciated and we can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2022. From Lumsden Live, a 5 day’s radio broadcast on FM and online forming the first EU BEPART Assembly, through to the announcement of […]

The profile of 2 people in a room, sat opposite each other at a table. The person on the left has blonde, wavy, shoulder-length hair. They wear a long coat with a tartan-like pattern, dark bottoms and boots. The person on the right has brown, straight hair in a bob. They wear red glasses; a multi coloured knit scarf; a purple and yellow striped top and blue trousers. Both people are smiling and looking out the large shop-front window next to them. The window faces on to a row of two storey; brown; pebble dashed; terraced houses on the Main Street in Lumsden.November Coffee Morning (2021). Photo: Zoë Tumika.

First steps towards Community Making Space

At the beginning of December we were glad to welcome artist Kathrin Böhm of Myvillages to SSW for the first visit in the Rural School of Economics BEPART Fieldwork. The work with Myvillages will centre around our new Community Making Space, created through our current Capital Development Project.  As an opportunity for our friends and neighbours in Lumsden to visit the Community Making Space and meet Kathrin in the early stages of this work, we temporarily opened up what will […]

The Lumsden Live studio faces out through a large shop front window onto Lumsden’s Main Street. ‘Lumsden Live’ in black and yellow vinyl is stuck on the window. 3 people are sat in the studio, all wearing big headphones and 2 of them are speaking into microphones. The other person is sitting in front of a mixer with lots of cables coming out it. The mixer is sat on a black worktop. The worktop goes across the window and curves round to continue along the wall on the right side of the room. There’s other bits of equipment and tech sat on it. Glistening gold string curtains cover the walls.Maxine Smith, Angela Main and Mark Vernon in the Lumsden Live Studio at Scottish Sculpture Workshop (2021). Photo: Joanne Cairney.

Lumsden Live: Podcasts

Lumsden Live was a radio station broadcasting live from Scottish Sculpture Workshop on FM and online, from 18 – 22 May 2021. The broadcast formed the first Assembly for the BE PART network (which you can read more about here) and brought together communities in Lumsden and the surrounding area with partners from across the BEPART network. The broadcasts featured live discussions, music, artworks and interviews. Contributions came from people who live in Lumsden, community groups and organisers based in […]

Selfie of Juliet’s face from the upper lip upwards. Juliet is a white person with brown hair in a mullet style and brown eyes. Juliet is gazing softly down at the camera and holding a broken cream coloured shell to their right eye which is looking through the shell as if it was a monocular. The image is soft in focus and the evening’s golden light is touching a side of the face, surrounded by light blue sky.A selfie of Juliet at Findhorn beach, Moray (2021). Photo: Juliet Davis-Dufayard.

Summer Residents 2021: Juliet Davis-Dufayard

This year we welcomed our first group of Summer Residency artists since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Scotland. We were fortunate enough to welcome: Aaron Tan (@aaaatsl)Juliet Davis-Dufayard (@julietdavisdufayard)Ross H Frew (@ross_h_frew)Abel Shah (@_abelshah_ & @residency1111).  The group were originally planning to join us here at Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Summer 2020, but COVID-19 resulted in this residency being postponed to 2021. In the following post, Juliet reflects on their time on residency here, personally and as a part of the wider residency […]

Eden, Senior Technician, packing and moving out in SSW style.

Moving out, with exciting times ahead: October 2021

It’s time! We are packing and moving out of the main building at SSW so the first phase of our capital development work can get underway. In the first phase we will be redeveloping the main building- improving orientation and navigation, creating an exciting new Community Making Space and upgrading our ceramics workshop and artists’ accommodation. This work is the start of our ambitious plan to transform the accessibility and environmental sustainability of the SSW site over the coming years. […]

SSW is 40! (2019). Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

We are hiring: Admin & Accounts Assistant

Deadline for applications: *deadline extended* Monday 1 November 2021, 12 noon (12pm GMT) Salary: £21,000 pro rata, 2 years fixed-termPart-time: 0.6FTE increasing to 0.8FTE in April 2021 (we are open to discussing options for remote/flexible working in the initial months)Based on site at SSW in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire (relocation support, including 3 months’ accommodation available) Scottish Sculpture Workshop (SSW) is looking for an Admin & Accounts Assistant. This is an integral role within the day-to-day workings of SSW, responsible for the […]

George Ridgeway, Togæther (2018), Lumsden Residency with SSW & Lumsden School. Photo: Erika Stevenson

Open Call: We are looking for new Board Members

We are looking for people to join our Board from October 2021 to work collaboratively with SSW’s existing Board Members and staff team. Together, we will support our mission, of empowering artists and local communities through collective learning and skills development, from our site in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire. Over the coming years we will be building on our work to date, to complete the transformative capital development of our workshop facilities. Alongside this, we are developing more collective ways of working […]

Laura and Murray sit on light blue foam mats on the floor and hold Rowan and Jude's hands. Rowan and Jude are leaning on Laura and Murray for support to stand up. Rowans waking frame is in the foreground and buggy is in the background.Laura, Murray, Rowan and Jude on residency at SSW (2021). Film still courtesy of the artist.

SSW x Counterflows Caregivers Residency: Laura Bradshaw

We welcomed Laura Bradshaw and her family, Murray, Jude and Rowan in June 2021 for the first part of a SSW x Counterflows Caregivers Residency. Here Laura reflects on the first two weeks of the residency and shares questions that will inform the next half of the residency in August. In June I completed half of a 4 week Caregivers Residency with Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Counterflows. I took my family to SSW to work together for 2 weeks in […]

A mix of small ceramic pots sits on a wooden table. They are all around palm size with brown, blue, grey, white and purple glazes and different textures. Some have been thrown on the wheel and others are handbuilt.Robert Foster's ceramics in the studio at SSW (2021). Photo: Zoë Tumika

Summer Residents 2021: Robert Foster

In June this year we were glad to welcome the first of our 2020 Summer Residency artists, Robert Foster and his family, one year later than originally planned due to COVID-19. Here Robert writes about his experience on residency at SSW, including being an artist-in-residence with a young family and his experiments in the ceramics workshop. Thanks for sharing this Robert, and we look forward to seeing what comes next for you all! For the month of June, I was […]

Internal view into yard, Architect's impressions of the capital development at SSW. Image: Collective Architecture

Updates on our capital development plans: July 2021

We are thrilled to share plans for phase one of our capital development project which will focus on a new Community Making Space, expansion of our ceramics workshop and newly refurbished artist accommodation. The developments are led by Collective Architecture and will begin in autumn, following successful planning permission from Aberdeenshire Council. Generously supported with funding from the Bently Foundation, the first phase of developments are set to begin in October 2021 with completion planned for April 2022. Within these […]