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Selfie of Juliet’s face from the upper lip upwards. Juliet is a white person with brown hair in a mullet style and brown eyes. Juliet is gazing softly down at the camera and holding a broken cream coloured shell to their right eye which is looking through the shell as if it was a monocular. The image is soft in focus and the evening’s golden light is touching a side of the face, surrounded by light blue sky.A selfie of Juliet at Findhorn beach, Moray (2021). Photo: Juliet Davis-Dufayard.

Summer Residents 2021: Juliet Davis-Dufayard

This year we welcomed our first group of Summer Residency artists since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in Scotland. We were fortunate enough to welcome: Aaron Tan (@aaaatsl)Juliet Davis-Dufayard (@julietdavisdufayard)Ross H Frew (@ross_h_frew)Abel Shah (@_abelshah_ & @residency1111).  The group were originally planning to join us here at Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Summer 2020, but COVID-19 resulted in this residency being postponed to 2021. In the following post, Juliet reflects on their time on residency here, personally and as a part of the wider residency […]

Laura and Murray sit on light blue foam mats on the floor and hold Rowan and Jude's hands. Rowan and Jude are leaning on Laura and Murray for support to stand up. Rowans waking frame is in the foreground and buggy is in the background.Laura, Murray, Rowan and Jude on residency at SSW (2021). Film still courtesy of the artist.

SSW x Counterflows Caregivers Residency: Laura Bradshaw

We welcomed Laura Bradshaw and her family, Murray, Jude and Rowan in June 2021 for the first part of a SSW x Counterflows Caregivers Residency. Here Laura reflects on the first two weeks of the residency and shares questions that will inform the next half of the residency in August. In June I completed half of a 4 week Caregivers Residency with Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Counterflows. I took my family to SSW to work together for 2 weeks in […]

A mix of small ceramic pots sits on a wooden table. They are all around palm size with brown, blue, grey, white and purple glazes and different textures. Some have been thrown on the wheel and others are handbuilt.Robert Foster's ceramics in the studio at SSW (2021). Photo: Zoë Tumika

Summer Residents 2021: Robert Foster

In June this year we were glad to welcome the first of our 2020 Summer Residency artists, Robert Foster and his family, one year later than originally planned due to COVID-19. Here Robert writes about his experience on residency at SSW, including being an artist-in-residence with a young family and his experiments in the ceramics workshop. Thanks for sharing this Robert, and we look forward to seeing what comes next for you all! For the month of June, I was […]

three wooden reeds from a church organ stacked on some green mossReeds from a church organ. Photo: Chris Dooks

SSW x Counterflows Caregivers’ Residency: Chris Dooks

In April 2021, we welcomed the first of our SSW x Counterflows Caregivers’ Residency artists, Chris Dooks. Chris Dooks creates performative-narrative works that are also disability strategies and place-making projects with ‘artist-as-healer’ themes. In the first weeks of his residency at SSW, Chris made sound-objects and pilgrimages. In this short recording, he shares what he has been working on in the first weeks of residency, together with reflections on being an artist with caregiving responsibilities. Scottish Sculpture Workshop · Read […]

A heart shaped helium balloon with the words 'stay sick' on a brightly coloured and lit backgroundHang Linton & Laura Lulika, Moon babies Squidding in the Land of Nod (audiovisual installation)(2019), BALTIC39, Adam Reynolds Memorial Award for Disabled Artists, Shape Art. Photo: Colin Davidson

SSW x Counterflows Caregivers Residency: Artists Announced

Following the open call for our first Caregivers Residency with our wonderful friends and partners at Counterflows Festival, we’re excited to announce that we will be welcoming artists Chris Dooks, Hang Linton and Laura Bradshaw to SSW for month-long funded residencies throughout 2021. The SSW x Counterflows Caregivers Residency was formed to support artists who undertake essential care work, for family (biological or chosen), community and/or kin, either professionally or informally. We recognise that caregiving responsibilities can both form and […]

Winter Residents 2020: March

Over the last week we’ve been glad to welcome our second winter residency group of 2020, with artists Mhairi Killin, Anka Helfertová, Lili Huston-Herterich, Shona Robin MacPherson and Siân McIntyre. All artists responded to our Winter Residency call, which explores the muddy tensions between materiality and extraction within a time of climate breakdown. Here we share their plans for the residency period and an insight into their interests and practices. The second Winter Residency of 2020 runs from 2 – 30 […]

Winter Residency: January 2020

In January we welcomed the first of our two Winter Residency groups in 2020. Artists Eloïse Dieutegard, Cassia Dodman, Fionn Duffy, David Moré and Leila Alice Smith lived and worked together on site for four weeks, forming close relationships (with each other, the site, staff team, processes, materials and surrounding landscape) and developing their diverse practices. This year’s Winter Residency call out focused on the role of making and materiality in a time of climate breakdown. Building on thinking and research from projects, together with […]

A group of people stand in a snowy landscapeWinter Residency 2020 artists with Harry Josephine Giles

Winter Residents 2020: January

We’re into the second week of our first 2020 residency, with artists Eloïse Dieutegard, Fionn Duffy, Cassia Dodman, David Moré and Leila Alice Smith. All artists responded to our Winter Residency call, which explores the muddy tensions between materiality and extraction within a time of climate breakdown. Here we share their plans for the residency period and an insight into their interests and practices. The first Winter Residency of 2020 runs from 27 January — 24 February. Eloïse DieutegardAmsterdam, Netherlands […]

Ashanti Harris, Forsakin' Gold for Corn (2019). The Skeleton of a Name, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. Photo: Matthew Arthur Williams

RSA Residency for Scotland: Ashanti Harris

Over the past few weeks, we have been working with artist Ashanti Harris through the RSA Residencies for Scotland. Below she shares some words on her project and what she has been working on at SSW. “I am a visual artist working with sculpture, installation and performance to explore themes of identity and diaspora through historical research. I create educational artworks and performative installations which function as a form of post-colonial critique, challenging dominant representations of history and re-imagining the […]

George Ridgway, Out-tract (2019)


The Winter Residency programme at Scottish Sculpture Workshop invites artists to come together and continue developing their practices, informed by our wider research and programme. This winter, we continue explorations into the role of making and understanding materials in a time of climate breakdown. Together we will dwell2 in the tangles and tensions between materiality and extraction, industrial processes and ecological (un)learning. The messy overlaps between the making skills we foster at SSW through our workshops, and the skills needed […]