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Lumsden Residency: Anna Wolfe-Pauly & Dorian Braun

Our 2018 Lumsden residency programme began in May with artists Anna Wolfe-Pauly & Dorian Braun undertaking a month long residency alongside our Summer Residency programme. Anna & Dorian spent their time developing their collaborative practice and work with attention, listening practices and group work.  This will lead to a workshop in November as part of SSW’s annual Lumsden Weekend. The Lumsden residency programme collaborates with Lumsden Primary School and during their residency Anna & Dorian led a workshop with the […]

End of this Winters Residencies at SSW

Cheerio to our last group of residents on this years Nightshift programme: Emma Brack, Rebecca Davies, Anna Francis, Michael Hautemulle, Marina Rees and Grays School of Art Graduate Awardee Mary Gordon. What a great bunch and what a great time we had with them, very sad to see them leave! During their residency we were snowed in for weeks, but that didn’t stop them exploring the area by foot and delving into their practices and our workshops – staying warm in […]


Artist in Residence Marina Rees 19/02/18 – 19/03/18 An attempt to interact with the local environment of Northern Scotland and its different species through the medium of bioplastics. In the current atmosphere of realisation to what extent our impact on the planet has been destructive, the need to explore an alternative lifestyle, both through our use of everyday materials and our psychological approach to our environment is urgent. Although bioplastics are becoming a popular material for designers to explore, it […]

Goodbye to the first residents of 2018

This week saw us say goodbye to the first group of artists in our 2018 Nightshift programme. Its been a busy four weeks of researching, making work, walking on ice and exploring the hills, sweating in the sauna, eating hearty meals, learning, retreating and collaborating. We also had an artist talk and reading group hosted by visiting artist Barry Sykes, group studio visits, presentations and pot-luck meals. Artists in the first Nightshift programme of 2018 were: Sarah Demoen, Elaine Harrington, […]

DUDENDANCE Theatre – Alien Species

Join Dundendance at SSW for an informal sharing of their collaborative project Alien Species Friday 17th November at 3pm Dudendance in collaboration with designer Heather MacCrimmon and musician Fiona Soe Paing will spend a week at SSW developing a new outdoor landscape production with costumes inspired by what ecologists call “non-native species”. The disposable quality of modern materials is having an irreversible, devastating effect on the planet. This new landscape intervention will reference how plastic throughout the natural world is transforming […]

Artist-Led Activity: Exchange Residency with Florence Dwyer

Our fourth and final instalment of this year’s Exchange Residency Programme hosted Florence Dwyer and her investigation into “Centring” on and off the pottery wheel. Flo has written an overview of the ideas and processes she was exploring during her month-long residency and takes us through a re-cap of what happened at her hugely successful workshop: Centred: placed or situated in the centre / having a specified subject as the most important or focal element / well balanced and confident or serene. […]

Artist-Led Activity: Exchange Residency with Kelley O’Brien

The third instalment of our Artist-Led Activity: Exchange Residency programme this year took place in August. Over the month, Kelley O’Brien explored the myths and folklore of the Scottish forests, hills and soils, noting where terrain has been worked by human hand and where wilderness has left room for imagination and future mythologies. Kelley then led a workshop with the Lumsden Community on the 16th August. Together, the group made their own pin-hole cameras in order to capture the village. […]

Splat, Squish, Resist (2018) India Harvey. Photo: Erika Stevenson

Lumsden Residency

Applications for the Lumsden Residency have now closed. The Lumsden Residency looks to support artists with collective learning and making practices, who are looking to develop and test out their modes of inquiry through residency at SSW and working with students at Lumsden Primary School. Together with the students, we welcome applications from artists that explore the multiple and expanded ways in which we can make, live and learn together. There are three part-funded residencies available, each a month long, […]

George Ridgway, Out-tract (2019)


We are no longer accepting applications for this residency.  The Winter Residency programme at Scottish Sculpture Workshop invites artists to come together and continue developing their practices, informed by our wider research and programme. This winter, we continue explorations into the role of making and understanding materials in a time of climate breakdown. Together we will dwell2 in the tangles and tensions between materiality and extraction, industrial processes and ecological (un)learning. The messy overlaps between the making skills we foster […]

SSW Graduate Award Programme

£270/three weeks – The EAR programme is available for graduates up to two years after graduation, for three weeks within the monthly block in Spring and Autumn (March/April/May OR September/October).