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Ceramics: Regular Practice FAQs

Here we have compiled answers to some frequently asked questions relating to our Regular Practice subscription. Hopefully you will be able to find the answer to your question here, however if not please don’t hesitate to contact us on  admin@ssw.org.uk or 01464 861372. Booking How do I join Regular Practice? When new space(s) becomes available for Regular Practice we will advertise it via our mailing list and social media. You can sign up for our mailing list here. How do […]

Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

Ceramics: Clay shop

To support you to practice at home, our Clay Shop offers a limited selection of clay to purchase. Our Clay Shop is open Tuesdays, 11am – 1pm. The clay shop usually stocks: Black Smooth Clay (PF680) £26.07Black Textured Clay (PF670) £22.61Gelb French Stoneware Clay £18.16KBJ Clay £18.43MJ Originale £16.69Raku Clay £12.41Speckled Stoneware (ES109) £14.20Stoneware V9A Clay £9.13White Stoneware (PF560) £15.69White Stoneware Grogged £15.32 One bag = 12.5 kgPurchase is dependent on stock levelsPayment by card on point of sale. All […]

The image is largely cast in shadow, with a dramatic beam of light cutting diagonally across it. The light falls on 2 MDF throwing batts, next to each other on a shelf above a long, white radiator. The batts have some clay vessels on them which vary in form and are a light, sandy grey in colour.Photo(detail): Maija Annikki Savolainen

Ceramics: Firing service

We offer a firing-only service with regular bisque and glaze firings in our kilns available to book online. Firings are completed by our skilled ceramics technician, Amy Benzie.

Ceramics: 1:1

Glaze tests in the ceramics workshop at SSW. Photo: Felicity Crawshaw

Ceramics: Established Practice

Established Practice offers regular independent access to SSW’s ceramics workshop on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. It is aimed at artists, makers and ceramicists with existing skills and experience working in ceramics, who are starting to develop a serious practice and want to further hone their skills and ideas. Established Practice subscribers receive:  Further information:If you have any suggestions, questions or requirements relating to accessibility at SSW, please get in touch and we will make every effort to support you to […]

Image of a busy Ceramics Workshop at the end of the SSW x Counterflows Caregivers residency 2023. Photo by Sam Trotman

Ceramics Subscription

We are glad to open up our recently renovated Ceramics Studio to new users through a Ceramics Subscription. This new offer builds on and replaces our previous Regular & Established practice offer that operated in 2022-23. Ceramics Subscription provides 8 x 3 hour sessions to the studio per month* on a Thursday and Friday through a no questions asked, sliding pay scale set up to ensure that the space is accessible to more people from a wide range of economic […]

Protected: Ceramics: Taster Sessions

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Photo by Felicity Crawshaw


We have opened up our Ceramics Subscription, find out more. Our experimental ceramics workshop offers you space, specialist teaching and equipment to support the development of your skills and ceramics practice. From building and forming, through to firing and glazing, the ceramics workshop welcomes complete beginners through to those with an established practice, with the support of our part-time Ceramics Technician. The studio is bright and open, equipped with two electric kilns, three electric wheels, wheel mounted extruder and slab […]

Someone hammers red hot steel bar on an anvil wearing an orange boiler suitPhoto: Naomi Pearce, Nine Parts Navvy (2017). Photo: SSW


Our outdoor forge offers artists and makers of all levels and experience the opportunity to learn blacksmithing techniques, from drawing out, hammering and bending as well as how to use and regulate a forge. More advanced users can work with our technicians to develop their skillset, experiment and complete more ambitious projects. Although not essential, we recommend completing our Introduction to Blacksmithing course, before booking Open Access in our forge. Blacksmithing is of the best processes for learning as a […]


SSW has simple shared accommodation on site as well as a house in the village. When you stay at SSW you will have a private bedroom, with access to a shared kitchen and bathroom. We allocate rooms randomly and based on availability, unless you let us know of any access needs. Staying on site There are four bedrooms on site, accessed via a steep flight of stairs. Each bedroom has a comfy double bed and storage. Two bedrooms look out […]